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Hollywood celebrities donate to Christchurch appeal

April 8, 2019


Hollywood celebrities donate to Christchurch appeal; NZ Herald

They all get ACC. And after that..

Well these poor Muslim victims must be buried under a mountain of food and money and clothing and crap a mile high by now.

And the more flowers and gift-food that comes in their door the more they will be reminded of the horrible events. The longer it takes to get back to normal life and adjust…

Mar 17, 2019 – Over $10 million has been raised for victims of the Christchurch terror attacks

They had 10 million within 48 hours; How much more since?

Try to get back to living your life after terrorism and then, wups, here’s a plate of cookies from Madonna? That’s normal…

The supply of grief giving is way higher than the demand for it.

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